Some areas in NGI to experience dry weather


SOME areas of the New Guinea Islands region will experience dry weather in the next few weeks because of a change in weather pattern, according to the National Weather Service.
Assistant director Jimmy Gomoga told The National that July and part of August would be dry, especially in East and West New Britain, Manus and New Ireland.
“People are to expect quite a drier season than usual because of shift in weather patterns,” he said.
But he said Western should expect some rain.
“The months of June, July and August will have less rain or no rain at all in NGI, whereas Western will have more rain,” he said.
Meanwhile, Gomoga said they were setting up weather stations in every province to get regular updates.
“The weather station setup is an ongoing project and we will continue installing observation (equipment) to get weather results in each of the weather stations,” Gomoga said.
“The weather stations will give out weather forecast for each day for people to take note and take necessary actions in conducting their daily lives.”

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