Armed men hold up Asian shop in Buka


SEVEN armed men held up a shop in Buka on Friday morning, prompting other businesses in the town to close doors.
Bougainville deputy police chief ACP Joanne Clarkson said the use of several high-powered rifles struck fear among the community.
Clarkson said the armed men held up the manager and staff of BCM Trading – an Asian-owned shop – and got what they wanted and fled in a dinghy.
“All shops and banks closed their doors in the morning in fear of the incident and were calling on the police to advise them if it was safe to open for business,” she said.
“The criminals escape by boat after getting what they wanted. They are still on the run.”
Clarkson said the police had a lead to who the suspects were and were still looking out for them.
She said no one was hurt in the incident and the police were investigating.
She said the situation has returned to normal and police have advised businesses to open for business as there were no more risk of any criminal acts.

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