Armed men rob Pelgens, says police


SEVEN armed men robbed a supermarket in Lae and took the takings from last week, police say.
Lae Metropolitan Superintendent Anthony Wagambie Jnr confirmed that the robbery took place at Pelgens Supermarket in Eriku on Monday morning.
The men walked in pretending to be customers.
“They walked straight into the administration office and took the takings from previous week which were being prepared for banking,” he said
The fled in a vehicle towards Taraka.
Wagambie told The National that police were informed of the robbery after the men had left but pursued them towards the West Taraka bridge.
There was an exchange of fire.
“My men engaged in a shootout with the suspects and continued chasing them into West Taraka where they abandoned the car and continued firing indiscriminately at police as they fled on foot,” he said.
Wagambie said the men fled into the bush behind West Taraka.
Police tracked them into the bushes and saw a trail of blood which meant that one or more could have been wounded.

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