Artist admires making music for awareness


POPULAR Papua New Guinea vocalist Justin Wellington admires people who make music to create awareness to support positive causes.
He said that during a press conference for his performance with Australian hip pop artist Urthboy and Alyson Joyce last Saturday to raise funds for Doctors Without Borders (DWB) projects in PNG.
“I am just participating in the performance side but it’s inspirational that there are people behind the scenes who have organised this event with the goal of generating some profit for this organisation that provides service to helping the communities,” Wellington said.
“It’s a blessing to me and great to be associated with it.
“It is a great thing to be making music to create awareness and to support positive causes, PNG is a developing country and needs a lot of support and people don’t have the luxury for a lot of things and music plays a powerful role.
“My music is neutral, it is more about love but I admire people who base their music on issues and am inspired by them, people who create music particularly to address important issues.”

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