Association to be model for others


THE West Kongo Five Mile Down Base Women’s Association in Port Moresby North East electorate wants to be a model women’s group in the capital city and the country.
President Rose Bomai made these comments last week when receiving a K30,000 cheque from Moresby North-east MP Labi Amaiu to support its work.
The association made up of women living at 5-Mile Down Base, who are originally from West Elimbari in Chuave district of Chimbu, said they came up with the association because they felt responsible as mothers to address issues affecting their community and the capital city.
“We want to participate to address the issues affecting ourselves, our families, our community, our city as well as the country,” she said.
“Simple things like seeing rubbish on the road side and on walkways in our city, as mothers we feel responsible to clean it.
“As well, seeing people in need at the hospitals or in prison or seeing some of our fellow women folks facing difficulties affording school fees for their children and other issues in the community; we feel obliged to assist but as individuals we cannot be able to assist.
“That’s why we came up with this association to participate in a meaningful way in economic opportunities available and support ourselves in a more organised and coordinated way and most importantly doing it as a team.
“We believe that as a team, we can be able to address some of the issues affecting ourselves, our family, our community and the city and we came up with this association.”
The association is involved in activities like voluntary cleaning in the city and visiting patients.

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