Association should be acknowledged


The Papua New Guinea Health Support Workers Association (PNGHSWA) is a properly registered industrial organisation verified by the industrial registrar which deserves equal treatment from the Government as other associations within the Health Department.
I cannot understand why the log of claims submitted by the association last year was left in the Department of Personnel Management Secretary’s tray for that long.
If other associations within Health Department have been fairly treated in terms allowances and
pay rise, it would be wiser enough to provide us uniform treatment as we all work towards provision of better health services in the country.
It is really unfair and improper for the Department of Personnel Management to continue to ignore our claims whilst responding positively to others.
The 3000 members of the Papua New Guinea Health Support Workers Association  throughout the country are frustrated over the prolonged delay by DPM to respond to their log of claims since Sep 18, 2015.
I think we have gone through all proper procedures and avenues but yet no positive response has been received.
We, the members of PNGHSWA, are now willing to take strike action against the DPM and the Government for ignoring our log of claims for so long.

Health support worker
Kundiawa, Chimbu

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