Athletics coach critical of misinformation


LEADING figures in Papua New Guinea sport have the responsibility to lead not only in open dialogue but also in closed circles.
Name dropping and spreading incomplete or inaccurate information to influential bodies and individuals can mislead athletes and administrators.
Athletics PNG head coach Dior Lowry made an important note that a healthy diet, consistent training and a balanced social life were keys to success in sport.
“Athletes should be aware of what they put into or on their bodies from food, personal care and hair products to fabrics from vendors,” Lowry said.
He reminded athletes that supplements were only to be used occasionally to complement an already healthy nutrition plan.
Lowry was responding to a media release last week which attempted to discredit a certain supplement which he had acquired for occasional use by PNG athletes.
The National Sports Institute through its human movement studies division has assisted Athletics PNG at training camps this year by providing awareness to athletes and coaches of the dangers of taking certain supplements.
Lowry appealed to influential individuals not to bear grudges against Athletics PNG and not to involve athletes in attempts to limit opportunities for the sport and its partners. He also warned that such negativity could prejudice domestic educational and community development opportunities for young athletes.

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