Attempted-murder case adjourned


A man alleged to have been involved in threatening and attempting to kill Police Commissioner Gari Baki and senior officer Ben Turi in Port Moresby has been given a final adjournment for his lawyer to file submissions before the court rules.
Waigani Committal Court Magistrate Cosmas Bidar adjourned the case against Peter Tony Tovua, 27, from Pikosa village, Daulo, Eastern Highlands. He is charged with two counts of conspiring to kill, and a count each of threatening, attempted murder and false pretence.
Bidar told the court on Thursday that this would be a final adjournment for submissions and the court would make a ruling with or without a lawyer.
He said the case had been ongoing since July and there was no feedback from the lawyer on any submissions.
It was alleged that the accused with his accomplices conspired to kill Baki and former Metropolitan Superintendent Turi at their residences.
They also issued threats to kill their families. The accused and his co-accused were alleged to have obtained more than K4000 from Baki through false pretence between Feb 19 and mid-March.
The accused pretended to be a police informant as a cover-up to conspire with others in issuing threats to Baki and attempting to kill Turi and his family.
When Baki was appointed, he made changes to the top management positions on Sept 3, 2015.
The accused and his accomplices did not like the appointments of Baki and Turi. They issued death threats to Baki on Sept 16, 2015.
On Feb 18, 2016,  a hand grenade was planted at Turi’s house that detonated and almost killed his family.
The accused will return to court on Nov 16 for submission.
His bail was extended.

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