Aust govt focuses on educating females


THE Australian government is now focusing more on the education of females in the country, an official says.
Out of the 1800 in-country scholarship offered since 2012, 61 per cent of the recipients were females, according to the high commission’s counsellor for education Suzanne Edgecomb.
She attended the Enga Teachers College graduation last Friday in Wabag.
She said they offered scholarships to young men and women studying to become teachers and health workers.
Edgecomb said teachers were like engineers and architects of human resource development.
“Teachers at all levels are playing a very important and highly critical role in the country,” she said.
She said great teachers took their responsibilities very seriously and inspired their students to “reach for the sky”.
AusAID sponsored 10 students attending the Enga Teachers College this year.
Enga Governor Sir Peter Ipatas said AusAID came in to partner with the provincial government after seeing that it remained focused on its free education policy in the past 18 years.
He said the people of Enga and the nation were witnessing the benefits of Enga’s free education policy.
He said universities and colleges in the country are dominated by students from Enga.

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