Aust invests K25mil to make women safer


The Australian government has invested more than A$10 million (K24.9 milllion) to help improve the lives of women in Papua New Guinea and create a safe environment for them to live in.
Australia’s High Commissioner Bruce Davis said that through the UN Women Safe Cities programme, the Australian government had invested A$6.7 million (K16.7mil) in the renovation of markets and A$3.4mil (K8.4mil) in the safe public transport for women and girls better known as the meri seif buses.
“Australia is proud to support projects that will increase the opportunities of women to run their businesses and support their families,” Davis said.
“It is good to invest in women’s livelihoods because when women are able to earn a living, they invest in their families.” He said that the Australian government would continue to invest in improving lives of women in PNG in partnership with UN Women.
UN Women deputy country representative Adekemi Ndieli said that it was important to create safe environments for women as women were often the most vulnerable.
“Through our safe cities programme, we will continue to help Papua New Guinean women.
“We thank our partners who have come on board to help make the city safe for women to live in, to work in, to run businesses, etc.”
The new Koki transit home opened yesterday is one of the projects that was funded by the Australian government through the UN Women Safe Cities programme.

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