Australia helps run boxing courses


THE National Boxing Championships get underway in Arawa, Autonomous Region of Bougainville, this weekend following a series of coaching courses provided through the Papua New Guinea – Australia Partnership.
The Australian High Commission and the PNG Amateur Boxing Union supported internationally accredited referee Dick Larry and coach Joe Aufa to conduct referee, judging and coaching courses in the lead up to the tournament.
Australian High Commission second secretary, Nicole Smith, speaking at the launch, noted Bougainville’s long and distinguished achievements in the sport of boxing.
“This is a great opportunity to bring people together. Through sport, we want to strengthen communities, encourage healthy living and empower young people to lead productive lives,” Smith said.
PNG Amateur Boxing Union president John Avira thanked the PNG-Australia partnership for its ongoing support.
“Boxing is part of life in Bougainville. This training complements a range of programmes to equip youth with skills,” Avira said.
The tournament, in true Bougainvillean style, kicked off with a rock music performance by Black Ops, the province’s heavy metal legends.

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