Australian foundation plans to set up office in PNG


THE Red and White Foundation in Australia plans to set up in PNG to assist boys to get a higher education in Australia.
The organisation is focused on supporting families and young adults within regional Australia, Torres Straight Islands and PNG in terms of offering part scholarships.
Greg Wallace, founder and chairman of Red and White Foundation, says having worked in PNG for close to 15 years, he had seen many expats enjoy positions that he believed could have or should have gone to local people.
“By assisting youths achieve higher education, this will allow the future of PNG to be shaped by the PNG people,” Wallace said.
He is looking to set up the foundation in PNG primarily concentrated on getting more PNG boys educated at the Ipswich Grammar School in Australia.
“I hope to set up the foundation in PNG to ensure that more opportunities are offered to Papua New Guinean families who would like their sons to attend the Ipswich Grammar School, especially those who would ordinarily struggle to meet Australian private school tuitions and boarding fees,” said Wallace.
Red and White Foundation representatives were in Port Moresby during the weekend hosting a meet-and-greet for Port Moresby residents before taking on the Kokoda Track later this week.

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