Australian kayaker departs Port Moresby for final trip


AUSTRALIAN kayaker Sandy Robson departed Port Moresby last Thursday for her final 53km journey to Daru before crossing over to Saibai in Australia.
She was farewelled by friends and supporters at the Royal Papua Yacht Club.
Robson was escorted out by the media boat and sponsored dinghy to Fishermen Island to camp overnight before departing last Friday.
Robson, a 47-year-old teacher, started paddling around the country in May from Vanimo.
From Port Moresby she will row to Daru on the final leg of a five-year epic solo sea journey from Germany to Australia.
It is one of the longest voyages she ever made retracing the seven-year adventure of German kayaker Oskar Speck in 1939.
She told The National that she was finally excited that she came closer to the end of her journey.
“I still have 21 days to go and I just have to do that and it will be almost time,” Robson said.
“It will take about three weeks and I am pretty excited that I am close to home and to the finish line but I want to make sure that I enjoy my last three weeks in PNG and hope the people I meet in Kerema and Daru will be as wonderful as everyone I met in Papua New Guinea.”
She said Papua New Guinea is beautiful country with friendly people and not as portrayed by foreign media.
“I found these people to be more friendly and good who would willing to help anyone,” she said.

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