Authorities need to fix Unitech road


ALLOW me to express my disappointment towards the Lae MPs responsible for the section of road from Unitech main gate up to Bumayong. All sections and roads within Lae city have been upgraded except for that stretch of road. Can one or some of them shed some light to the people why or what is causing the delay of maintenance for this section? There are a lot of people living up that area who catch PMVs to and from work, school and daily activities. With the current condition of the road, PMVs sometimes refuse to operate there and workers and students continuously reach work and school late. The return trip is the same. Company vehicles that do pickups break down on that road or are sometimes told to turn around at the Unitech main gate. So those people who live further up the road will have to wait for PMVs too. To the people living up that stretch of road and beyond it, please vote wisely in the upcoming election as our current leaders are turning a blind eye to our needs.

– Michael Hussain, Lae

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