Authorities need to look into this bank


ONE of the commercial banks in PNG is giving a quiz to its staff every week as part of the training and up-skilling of its employees.
The quiz is all about the bank’s products, services and processes.
What I have found to be so absurd is that these employees after a long day at work have to get up very early or stay up very late to study for their notes to come for the quiz the next day.
This is affecting their mental health and well-being, the ability to think properly for work the next day, the rest the body needs after a long day at work and most of all adding the extra pressure and stress the body does not need to get a good mark in the quiz.
I have a spouse who does that week in and week out and with her situation of catching bus every day to work and back home and all the pressure of the day’s work, she has to cook, have to put kids to bed and then study for the quiz.
This is not the best training technique to develop a worker, instead a normal practice is to judge on individual performance and their output rather than remembering all
the details of a bank product, the process involved and getting it all right.
Not all employees perform the same role and their work is different and specialised in certain ways.
The training facilitator has now gone to the extent of advising staff that they have to get 89 per cent or more on open book quiz and 69 per cent or more on closed book.
If an employee is not getting the set mark for three consecutive months they will receive a letter from the HR.
Who Is there anybody from the Labour Department can comment or advice on this threat?
Something is wrong with the bank or the facilitator who is running the training.
Maybe it is time that Immigration or Labour look into how Papua New Guineans are being treated in the workforce.

Concerned Spouse, Via email

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