Authority to conduct survey


RESULTS of a survey to be conducted by the Road Transport Authority will determine the number of PMV buses allocated to city routes.
Acting chief executive officer Nelson Terema said the number will depend on the population.
Terema said they were fully aware about the large number of PMVs and other vehicles operating without registration and licence.
He said that as soon as the survey was done, the board would approve a new system to be put in place.
Terema said the system would assist them to ensure PMV operators, drivers and vehicle owners go through formal procedures to register their vehicles to make sure licences were obtained correctly.
He said their board was working on measures to address issues of unlicensed and unregistered vehicles.
He urged all road users to take precautions when travelling, whether it be on PMVs or private vehicles.
He said this was because many of the vehicles like taxis and most buses were operating without licences and registration on their vehicles.
Terema said there were lots of thefts going on in the city and warned drivers and vehicle owners to park safely and lock the doors at all times.
He said they did a survey in the past but its results were outdated.

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