Authority to disconnect water supply


THE Goroka Town Authority will disconnect water supply from consumers who have arrears, town manager Harold Abori says.
“Over 65 per cent of water users in Goroka town with unpaid water bills for over six months are given 14 days to settle the outstanding bills (by Sunday Oct 22),” Abori said.
“Before the 14-day notice lapses on October 22, water users are advised to see the cashier at the authority office to settle outstanding arrears to avoid disconnections.”
Abori said those found to have illegally reconnected water after the disconnections would be fined K1000.
“The Goroka Urban Authority has been very lenient on water users. Nearly 65 per cent of water uses do not care to pay water bills, leaving the authority struggling to generate revenue to sustain a quality water supply,” he said.
Abori said water running into settlements and villages on the periphery of the town boundaries would be rationalised.
He said a bulk meter would be installed at a strategic location to regulate the water supply and make villagers and settlers pay for the water they use.

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