Authority gives K100,000 to cultural centre


THE Boem Sara Cultural and Tourism Preservation Centre in East Sepik is not for one particular community but the entire Yangoru-Sausia district.
Minister for Trade, Commerce and Industry and Yangoru-Saussia MP Richard Maru made this statement during the presentation of a K100,000 cheque by the Tourism Promotion Authority to the cultural centre.
Maru said the project was not for Boem Sara alone but for the district and the province.
“This project is not for Boem Sara, it is for the whole district and for the whole province,” he said.
“I also want to get behind this project in a big way because it will now give us an opportunity to provide a product that our province really needs.”
Maru said there were no products for tourism along the highway leading up to Pagwi in Wosera-Gawi district and it would be a first real attempt to try and develop a product.
“The tourists will come into our district which is situated right in the centre of the whole province to look at the cultural centre.”
Maru said the centre would also be used to train people to persevere culture.
He also pledged to back the project with K100,000 from district funds. Chairman of the Boem-Sara Cultural and Tourism Preservation Centre Col Carl Wrakonei clarified that the initiative which the Boem Sara community has taken was not for their community alone but the entire district.
“I know, Maru has tourism plans for the whole district and our small activity will be part of his overall plan,” Wrakonei said.

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