Authority told to acquit for govt, mine funds


ENGA Governor Sir Peter Ipatas is urging executives of the Porgera Development Authority (PDA) to acquit for millions of kina they received over the years.
Sir Peter said the board and management of the authority have to explain how they had utilised huge sums of money they got from the Government and the Porgera mine (Barrick).
He said that a report released by the National Research Institute (NRI) in 2012 found that K130 million was paid directly into PDA account.
“Further, more funds have been allocated after 2012 up until now.
“I’m really concerned, in my 20 years as governor for Enga, I have not spoken against PDA. What happened to all these millions of kina?”
Sir Peter made these comments yesterday following a recent paid advertisement by the management and board of the PDA to close its office in Porgera over lack of funding by the Government. “Threat to close the Porgera Development Authority (PDA) is suspicious – audit accounts required,” he said.
“This noble intent has been given lip service instead and funds have been diverted elsewhere, especially financing the board and management fees and forgetting the real purpose for which PDA was initially established,” Sir Peter said.
“PDA is a public vehicle created to develop Porgera Valley as part of its mining benefits for its residents.
“As such, PDA is subject to scrutiny and accountability under the Public Finance Management Act and Investment Promotion Act Regulatory Guidelines and Audit Requirements.
“Since its establishment, PDA has not furnished any audit accounts to my Government.
“These funds have to be acquitted properly.
“PDA and its board and management are answerable to the authorities.”

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