Awareness on diabetes, early sugar level test vital, says Luru


MORE awareness on diabetes and early sugar-level test is important because most times focus of health awareness is on HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis (TB) and cancer, a clinician says.
Lawes Road Urban Clinic manager Pere Luru told The National that health workers, churches and non-governmental organisations needed to carry out more awareness on diabetes because the death rate from disease had increased over the years.
“I think we need more awareness because diabetes is a lifestyle disease and the way we act in PNG – we don’t care about our health – we just want to eat anything we want. That’s why we should be conscious about our health because according to health we are what we eat,” Luru said.
“Anything that we actually put into our body is the outcome, so you can blame your eating habits, even you can come to the hospital but you can’t do much so I think we need to do more awareness,” he said.
He said out of 100 patients he tested, at least two had high sugar blood level and were registered at Badili Clinic for monitoring.

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