Awareness on mine shares in Western


AN awareness will be conducted
in Western by the Community
Mine Continuation Agreement (CMCA) committees regarding the 33 per cent shares offloaded by the State
President of OK Tedi Mine Impacted Area Association Nick Bunn said they represented the 156 affected areas along the Fly River.
“There are two groups of landowners – the 12 mine lease area villages unaffected by environment damages discharged from the Ok Tedi mine (the mine landowners), and the CMCA landowners (the people affected by the mine along the Fly River) comprising 156 villagers,” Bunn said.
More than 100,000 live along the Ok Tedi and Fly river systems and are directly affected by the pollution from the mine.”
He said the awareness aimed to educate the people of Western on how they could distribute the 33per cent shares fairly.
The Government had decided to give the 33 per cent shares from
Ok Tedi mine to the people of Western.
Bunn said the North Fly District Development Authority had given them K1 million to conduct the awareness.
He urged the two other districts (Middle Fly and South Fly) to also fund the awareness programme.
“The 33 per cent is for the people of Western,” he said.
“We would like to decide on sharing these independently.
“I have started talking to other Community Mine Continuation Agreement leaders that we must now reconcile and stop fight among ourselves and talk about sharing equity properly.”

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