Awareness needs to be done so people are better informed


THE National Government should send teams to each district to do awareness on elections.
For the past years locals get to listen to candidates about what they will do if elected which makes them to see the good side of electing and the bad side is kept buried and hidden under their persuasive campaigns.
This election awareness is more like guiding people to do better decisions when voting.
PNG is going under lots of current issues that we are now facing because of the decisions we make during elections.
We should carry out awareness so that people get to make proper and better decisions when voting.
We should stand up and educate our local people to do better decisions during election.
The idea of money is flooding the minds of people when it comes to elections.
We must also think about the future and not about our current happiness.
We must always remember that every cloud has a silver lining so do not make decisions which will make you happy just for a few months only because money won’t last long and it can’t buy happiness.
The decisions that we made when electing leaders are the decision that will also be upon our country.

Ricah Waiu
PAU, Central

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