Awareness using sports


VILLAGE sports competitions are easy platforms to make awareness on gender-based violence and violence against women, an official says.
PNG Women Rugby League coordinator Mae Koime said the messages of gender-based violence was not reaching the majority of the population when awareness was done only during major sports events.
“The message doesn’t really get out there to the public. We only target major sports such as international games. We are starting to promote GBV, sexual assault, we should be doing a lot of this in local communities, local competition, in and around our communities, offices and in schools,” she said.
She said PNG Women’s’ Rugby League was currently piloting the Stopim violence programme in schools in Goroka, Kokopo and Port Moresby.
“Sports participation of rugby league in schools encapsulate capacity building of female teachers, activities and resource used in lessons to have respect for women and girls in schools, communities and families at home.”
She said the programme provided reading resources and teaching guidelines to help teachers teach students to respect females and provide a positive environment for both genders to learn together.

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