Axed clubs refuse to attend meeting


AN offer by the PNG National Rugby League Competition board to meet with representatives of the three clubs who were axed from the season has been turned down.
The Gulf Isapea, Simbu Lions and Hagen Eagles were invited by PNGNRLC chairman Adrian Chow to attend the board’s meeting on Sunday but they refused citing a National Court injunction currently in place.
The three clubs were cut from the 2017 season after they protested the takeover of the then PNGNRL by the sport’s national governing body, the PNG Rugby Football League, earlier this year and its subsequent rebranding and administrative changes.
They were also concerned that the new administration wanted to discuss the use of K800,000 belonging to the PNGNRL.
Isapea chairman Jacob Ivaroa and Lions owner Gerard Philip said they saw no reason for the meeting and questioned its timing.
“We question the motive of inviting us at this time when the competition is winds down on Sunday,” Ivaroa said.
“We were kicked out of this season because we opposed the rebranding and transformation of the PNGNRL to the PNGNRLC and it coming under the direct control of the PNG Rugby Football League so we took the matter to court and our case has been adjourned to Sept 13,” Ivaroa said.
“Some of the matters the PNGNRLC want to talk to us about are before the court so we cannot discuss them.”
The case was first brought before the National Court on Monday (Sept 4).

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