Bad management irks Naru


GOVERNOR Kelly Naru is irked by the bad management of the tuition fee free (TFF), forcing many schools in his Morobe province and other provinces to close earlier than scheduled.
Naru was critical about some schools not managing the TFF accordingly by closing the academic year earlier while the TFF was also not reaching some schools in time – affecting academic programmes.
Naru said respective school administrations needed to think innovatively to utilise the funding on priority programmes due to TFF not available as expected.
Despite problems, the Baiyune Lutheran High School has proved itself by commissioning three teachers’ houses and a girls’ dormitory.
“This is a tremendous achievement in launching four buildings while the administration has deposited K300,000 in the school account for next year’s needs,” Naru said.
He joined provincial education standard officer Gibson Dom and Bulolo district chief executive officer Tae Gwambelek to open four buildings, coinciding with Grade 10 graduation last Thursday.
Naru said that academic excellence was reflected by quality learning facilities, teachers and teaching materials, including the library and urged students to adopt a passion to learn and be educated.
He told them that discipline, dedication and determination were the tenets of success.
“If a student is unable to manage disturbance, then he isn’t able to succeed academically,” he said.
Naru told parents to be “be mindful of complaints, criticism, comparisons and competition and to work in partnership to achieve aspirations of the school”. Meanwhile Gwambelek told students to till their land if they were unable to continue academically.
Gwambelek also criticised increasing drug and homebrew use.
“Bulolo can never be seen as an alluvial dredging district, no; think about many options – how we can transform this savannah grassland into something meaningful in future?” he said.

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