Bad-mouthing supporters should just stay home


I WAS unhappy to hear the PNG U-20 Women’s Coach Lisa Cole appealing on television to spectators not to hurl verbal curses at the poor-performing PNG team – as may have been the case of last Sunday night.
I was unhappy because that was sad that the coach should come out in such a manner to appeal to the supporters in Port Moresby.
I, like many other PNG fans, were unhappy with the performance of the girls in the first match, however, it is not right for fans to verbally abuse the players.
It is bad and that must stop.
Fans must criticise in the right way but must refrain from verbally offending the players – Papua New Guineas or any other nations’ for that matter.
In that regard, I urge the different venue coordinators and security officers to get to work and identify such bad-mouthing supporters and get them out of the stand and out of the venue area as quickly as possible.
We do not need such cowards near a football pitch. We have other bad experiences in other codes in PNG and let us not allow such violent people to spoil the development of this code (football/soccer) in PNG.
Please, can the local organising committee get to work to prevent any such incidents from happening again?
On another note, may be Coach Cole too can caution the girls on their hairstyles?
Why is it that in the tri-nations’ friendlies, none of the PNG girls were sporting those punk-like haircuts and all of a sudden, to everyone’s surprise, almost all are sporting weird-looking hairstyles?
In the military, as in the Special Forces of any nation, all members are supposed to have the same haircut because they belong to a single team – they must look like one unit and operate as a unified team.
Shouldn’t the PNG girls do the same – to perform as a unit and not 11 different people doing their own thing?
The styles may have affected them a bit too – psychologically-speaking, that is. And – I believe it does take up a fair amount of time for a girl to do up her hair, so that may be a distraction.
If they all agree to shave off one side of their head, then all of them should do the same.
I know this may sound preposterous but they are a team and must try to show that too.
That is a little thing but it can have a lot of effect on a person’s psychology.
People in the military/secret service are taught to be aware of such things and a team which wants to perform at its very best must adopt some of those pointers too.

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