Baki: Bodies to return home


By Rebecca Kuku
BODIES of two policemen killed in Enga recently will be flown to their homes this week, Police Commissioner Gari Baki said.
Glen Jimmy, from Jiwaka, and Alex Kopa, of Chimbu and East Sepik, were shot in Enga in an election-related incident.
Baki said that a lot of things had happened when the two officers were killed just over two weeks ago.
“There was a fight between the supporters of rival candidates Don Polye and Alfred Manase for the Kandep open seat,” Baki said.
“There was also an attempted kidnapping made on the ARO (assistant returning officer) at his residence by some supporters of candidates.
“So we will be investigating the matter to find out why and how the two police officer were killed on duty.
“But in the meantime, we have made their funeral arrangements and will be flying their bodies home to their families.”
Baki said that he would travel to Mt Hagen to receive their bodies and send them home to their respective provinces.
The president of Police Association, Lowa Tambua, said the killing of the two officers was a barbaric act.
“Police personnel put their lives at risk on the frontlines throughout the country to promote democracy and provide protection,” he said.
“Without the presence of police officers at the national election, no one will obviously vote without being intimidated or coerced.
“Citizens must embrace and appreciate the work of all the police officers.
“Police presence helps to maintain peace in the community.”
The Police Association passed its condolences to the families of the deceased  and called on the police hierarchy to use all resources available to bring those responsible for the deaths of the two officers.

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