Ban placed on teachers from private institutions


The Teaching Service Commission has advised the public that graduate teachers from private training institutions would not be admitted into the national education system.
TSC chairman Baran Sori made this statement following a newspaper advertisement from a private training institution offering teacher training programmes.
“I would like to comment on the advertisement that appeared in The National on Tuesday, Aug 1, 2017, offering ‘teacher training’ courses to the general public.
“The Teaching Service Commission (TSC) wishes to inform the public that it will not employ graduates from Kumul Teachers’ College for a number of reasons.
“In terms of meeting quality compliance standards, the National Education Board (NEB) must approve and recognise the institution, its curriculum content, course duration, certification and the quality and competency levels of lecturers who are training teachers,” Sori said
“Graduate teachers from private institutions and even from NEB-approved teacher training colleges do not have direct employment to teaching positions in schools within the national education system.”
“TSC is the sole employer of teachers teaching in schools within the national education system.
“TSC has the legal right to admit and or not to admit graduate teachers into the membership of the teaching service under the Teaching Service Act 1988.”

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