Band joins group to find new gigs


A BAND in Jiwaka has joined a plantation workers’ association to promote and benefit from it.
The Balgane Hits of Kimel – Plantation Boii, have joined the PNG Agricultural Sector Labourers’ Association.
Association president and founder Gugl Peter Sylvester welcomed the  band, saying they were part of the plantation family.
Band manager Johnny Gil Paul said they had been struggling in the plantation without any sponsors to help them.
Most of the songs they produced have themes which portray the struggles faced by young people and their parents in the plantations.
“We registered on August 28 to become members of the association. Any gigs or promotions that anyone wants us to do, they should contact the association,” Paul said.
The band has eight members. It was formed in 2006 and started recording in 2007.
Some of the band’s popular hits are Plantation Boii, Ambai Helen, Moonlight, and Meri Lewa.
The band members are based at the OK Corporation plantation in Kimil, Jiwaka.

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