Bank customers expect better service at local branch


IT is reassuring for Westpac Bank customers that their bank continues to maintain its top global ranking as the most sustainable bank in 2016 and making it 15 years in a row as per the Dow Jones Sustainability Indices.
Such a prestigious global standing and its matching super profits should have also translated into superior customer counter services in terms of service attendance time and customers’ comfort.
Ironically, customers were subjected to unacceptable discomfort on the morning of Sep 12 at the Westpac Boroko branch when the air conditioning system broke down.
One of the customers even suggested to the bank employees that a few K90 pedestal electrical fans should be quickly obtained from Brian Bell next door for temporary relief for the visibly uncomfortable, sweating and complaining customers. Such oversight and indifference to its customers’ unacceptable level of discomforts does not augur well with the customers’ expectations of service in light of Westpac’s global rating.

Veteran Customer
Korobosea, NCD

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