Bank’s loan rules unfair


Allow me a space to vent my disgust and anger over how the BSP Port Moresby’s branch manageress is handling personal loan applications.
My loan application was thrown out of the window on the 11th hour due to “evidence of gambling” found on my bank statement when it went for her endorsement.
It is puzzling even after I met the bank’s basic requirements, a loan application is declined because I was using one of their very convenience products at a gambling spot.
If this is a lending policy employed by the bank, then I call on the top hierarchy to look into this as a matter of priority as it’s discriminatory in nature and contradicts your efforts in making banking easier.
Why install Eftpos and ATM facilities in and around gambling spots when you are going to trap your own customers the next time he or she applies for a loan.
This is pathetic and a slap in the face of your loyal customers.
However, if it’s the manageress’ personal benchmark in assessing loan applications, I then call on the hierarchy to investigate this particular officer over how many loan applications she has turned away.
This will account for potential sales loss to the bank under these biased screening techniques.

Dissatisfied customer,
Port Moresby

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