Barracks’ fate lies on health check

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HEALTH inspection results will determine whether the Gordon Police Barracks is to be demolished, National Capital District and Central Commander Sylvester Kalaut says.
“We have a situation in the barracks according to reports gathered in a previous inspection on the toilet system and the general status of the barracks, especially on the four single quarter blocks,” he said.
Kalaut told about 169 occupants of the single quarters during a health inspection done yesterday by the National Capital District Commission that results would tell whether the barracks needed to be demolished.
“We respect whatever decisions that will be made by the health inspectors because they are authorised to make such inspections and whatever the outcomes of their findings, we will take it up to the police management to address them,” he said.
Kalaut said the inspection came after residents raised concern over the deteriorating condition of the houses and ablution blocks.
“The residents have the right to complain to the relevant authorities regarding conditions of housing which the (police) department is responsible for by providing good sanitation and housing for its employees,” he said.
“This case of Gordon barracks is one that we need to take on seriously as unfortunately, you’ll see married families living in the single quarters because there is no place where we can accommodate them.”

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