Barrick Niugini supporting Enga leaders to develop province


BARRICK Niugini Limited has undertaken to work with the Enga MPs to drive the province’s development agenda through sustainable projects.
The provincial leaders will be recommending to the government a special tax credit scheme arrangement the details of which will be worked out.
The company last month met in Port Moresby with Engan leaders led by Governor Sir Peter Ipatas.
The meeting was chaired by BNL country executive director Dr Ila Temu.
Temu said the Pogera Joint Venture had done a lot in Enga and wanted to work with the Enga MPs in the next five years to address issues of mutual interest in the province.
“We thought it would be a good idea to share our views and the challenges we face in Porgera in the hope that you can understand what the issues are,” Temu said.
We also hope that you can help us try and influence the decision and processes especially at the political and government level.”
The meeting saw a presentation on the Porgera gold mine, its contribution to the local, district and national economy and future mine prospects.
He said illegal mining, the Highlands Highway, law and order, resettlement and the agreement review were some of the more imminent challenges for the mine operation.
Sir Peter said there were often misconceptions about the joint venture and the meeting with the Enga MPs was a good start.
“We have to sustain Porgera to continue to provide services,” he said.
“The mine will come to an end.
“In the future, the province will have to fall on its own economy.”

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