Basa raises concern over relocation of fishing vessels


FISHERIES Minister Patrick Basa is concerned that some PNG-flagged fishing vessels are relocating to other countries in the region.
He said the fisheries sector was expected to contribute to expanding the economic base and diversifying the revenue streams of the Government.
Basa said he was prepared to “listen” to the industry.
He urged more interaction between the National Fisheries Authority, Government departments and the industry.
He also advised industry players during a breakfast in Port Moresby yesterday to show the government their business plans and identify areas which needed Government intervention.
Prime Minister Peter O’Neill this week spoke about the need for a major review of the tuna within three months.
Basa said the NFA should understands the review especially in regard to the introduction of the VDS rebate scheme.
“I want to fully understand these policies and their impacts so that I am in a position to present to the National Executive Council and where necessary to Parliament.
“I am therefore directing the NFA to identify the catches by fleets over the last five years in Papua New Guinea and where these fish are landed or exported.
“These catches must be recorded as catches from distant fishing nations, locally based foreign flagged vessels.
“We need to know the exact volume of catches and by fleets.
“I want to also know the volume of catches by fleets landed in Bangkok and the Philippines.”

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