Basa tells: Why I am on the side of PNC


Kabwum MP Patrick Basa says the remote district he represents is set to enjoy a raft of infrastructure and service delivery projects that will change the lives of  people there.
Defending his decision to join the PNC-led government following the general election, he said it was done following consultations with his people and Christian Democratic Party (CDP) leader Kelly Naru.
“I was elected by the people of Kabwum, on a CDP ticket,” Basa said.
“It is the people of Kabwum that I am answerable to, not any self-proclaimed leader of Morobe.
“It is their choice that I be part of a government that has a proven record of delivering services and development projects around the country.
“Kabwum is very remote and is located in  some of the most difficult terrains of PNG. Anyone who has been there knows the difficulties my people face daily, and what needs to be delivered.
“In full consultation with Naru, I signed the Alotau Accord 2 on behalf of Christian Democratic Party.
“CDP was formed in Morobe. I am proud to represent CDP, Kabwum and the Morobe people in government.”
Basa’s move to PNC was criticised by Pangu Pati leader Sam Basil who said that the decision to join government did not go down well with the people of Morobe.
“Why should Basil hold grudges against a government that has delivered a lot for Morobe and Lae city under Alotau Accord 1 in the last five years?” Basa said.
“The Lae city road upgrade, Lae-Nadzab four-lane highway, Lae wharf development, Angau Hospital renovations, all the school and hospital projects in districts, former governor Kelly Naru and other MPs like Mao Zeming delivered in their time.
“These are development projects we should be thankful for rather than criticise without offering viable alternative development policies.”
He thanked the people of Kabwum for electing him and promised to do his best for them in his tenure.

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