Basil eyes change for business


BULOLO MP and Pangu Pati leader Sam Basil has assured the business community in Morobe that for the first time, the provincial government would connect with the businesshouses to bring change in the province.
In a media conference on Tuesday, Basil, accompanied by Governor Ginson Saonu, thanked the people of Morobe for having
confidence in Pangu and said all the MPs of Morobe would work together.
“Morobe will now be a model province and I want to raise the hope for the business community. Wait for the change in Morobe because Pangu we will deliver to you,” he said.
He said all the MPs of Morobe were now one so they would work together to improve the many issues in Lae city and other parts of the province.
“We will be addressing the issue of Lae roads, law and order issues and the settlement issues in Lae city and the surrounding areas of Morobe,” he said.
“We will also build jetties in Lae city for our coastal villages.
“We will also improve the stalls in the Lae market so that our nine districts’ are represented there so our mothers can come and have a place in the market,” Basil said.
Basil said for the first time, Morobe had a one party government so they would make sure to connect the provincial government, administration, the nine districts, the 33  local level governments (LLGs) and the ward areas to share resources like provincial support improvement programme and district support improvement programme funds and ensure that everyone partake in programmes around the province.

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