Basil, Iguan celebrate success with dedication mass

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PANGU Pati leader MP Sam Basil (pictured), who retained his Bulolu seat, and Markham MP-elect Koni Iguan flew to Mapos village soon after their declaration and
dedicated their political success to God.
They arrived to a waiting crowd painted in brown mud and singing. Some seemed overwhelmed by the occasion on Sunday.
Basil polled 26,184 ahead of Rex Mauri 2508, Jonah Vincent 2106, Leonard Brian 1920 and Robert Bayage 1620.
Iguan polled 12,337 votes and unseated  People’s National Congress candidate and Minister for Housing Paul Isikiel who managed 9569. Former MP Andrew Baing claimed 11,050 as the runner-up.
Mapos Parish Pastor Josiah Gulum prayed for Iguan and Basil’s protection, wisdom and guidance.
“Leadership roles and responsibilities – to serve people as servants – belong to God alone. You have overcome the first challenge and the second challenge in the formation of government is waiting ahead, requiring God’s wisdom, understanding to direct your paths” Gulum said.
“As we believe and anticipate how to form the government, God has already formed his government that will be revealed soon after a few weeks and I am prepared to share the sermon
and testimony with this new government.”
Iguan walked into the Mapos Lutheran Church  for the second time for a similar occasion, the first when he was elected as Markham MP in 2007.
“The mandates upon us as MPs is the trust and confidence of our people regardless of their localities,” Basil said.
Thus, we are obliged to ensure the same trust, respect and confidence are given in return to the people and the country.”

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