Basil keen on changing Pangu’s future


MOROBE has not produced a Pangu Pati candidate in the past 20 years, says party leader Sam Basil.
Basil (pictured), who is Member for Bulolo, said this last weekend during the party’s open forum in Buang, Morobe.
Basil said Pangu had failed to produce leaders in Morobe but he was determined to change that.
“There was no Morobe Pangu MP in Parliament for the past 20 years,” Basil said.
“The party was in the wilderness and many things have gone wrong. Wild dogs have spoiled the heads of the party executives.
“That is why I am finding it difficult to work with them (executives).
“But we will try to come together and work things out.
“I have a record of winning elections.”
He said he would select party candidates in Morobe “because it is my place and I know who will win the election”.
Basil said some people had in the past bribed party executives to be included as candidates under the party ticket. He said the results were catastrophic.
“That is why I am finding it difficult to work with the executives at the national level,” Basil said.
“Twenty years you (executives) have fought but did not give Pangu numbers.
“So give me this chance to choose my own candidates.”

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