Basketball court to benefit community


OIL Search has funded a new basketball court for a Kutubu community for more than K90,000.
The people of Sisibia in Southern Highlands had asked the company to build the court under its community infrastructure programme.
“Apart from obvious health benefits, sport has played a vital role in leadership and youth development, keeping law and order and stimulating economic growth,” Gerea Aopi, the Oil Search executive general manager for stakeholder engagement, said.
“One important spin-off benefit is that it will provide an income-generating opportunity for women as they can set up stalls or a market to sell food and drinks and other wares to spectators during games and major competitions.”
Maka Investment Corporation, a local construction company owned by the Sibibia and Kaipu communities, was engaged by Oil Search to build the court.
It was handed over to the community on Sept 13.
James Pambori, the Oil Search Kutubu/Moran area supervisor, urged the community to look after and make good use of the facility.

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