Bavaroko gets materials on credit


Students and teachers of Bavaroko Primary school in National Capital District have received learning and teaching materials from Treid Pacific Limited on credit.
The materials comprise the commodity component of the Government’s tuition fee-free (TFF) education.
Bavaroko Primary School has deposited some money to Treid Pacific and will settle the balance when they receive the next lot of TFF funds.
School board chairman, Jack Ninkama told The National that they haven’t receive the commodity component so they used the administration component to purchase the learning and teaching materials for the students and teachers.
“The TFF comes in three components – infrastructure, commodity and the administration components.
“In the beginning of the year, the Government said they would only give the admin component to the school and they will manage the other two components,” said Ninkama.
He said the Government advised them that the infrastructure component would be given to the local MPs in DSIP funding and the commodity was supposed to be given to stationery suppliers like Treid Pacific.
Ninkama said the commodity component was not coming through so they had to use the administration component to get the stationeries for students and teachers.
“I want to appeal to the minister (education) and the education department people to come out clearly and tell us how to access funds of the commodity component,” said Ninkama.
He said they haven’t received any funds under the infrastructure component as well.
“To achieve quality education our infrastructure needs to be improved,” said Ninkama.
The packages received yesterday consist of basic school stationeries.

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