You could become anything in life, students told


DAKEVAKOMANA Primary School in Rigo, Central, witnessed its first Grade Eight graduation on Friday in which 17 students graduated.
National and Supreme Court Judge Justice Les Gavara-Nanu, who was raised in Dakevakomana, witnessed the graduation with his wife and son.
“I was raised in this village, did my early schooling here. Back then we didn’t have some of the luxuries these students enjoy today despite being considered a secluded school in this day and age,” Gavara-Nanu said.
He said he sacrificed certain things and concentrate on doing well. Today, he was content.
He told the students that they could become anything they wanted in life.
Out of the 17, 12 were selected to continue at Kwikila High School, while five secured spacing at Kwikila Vocational Training Centre.
Students, teachers, parents and the community celebrated the achievement on Friday followed by a feast.
Dakevakomana village is located in a remote area and inaccessible to basic services due to bad road conditions.
The school caters for students from other nearby villages as well.
Their parents have built a boarding house to accommodate them during school days.
School principal Goodwill Frank said it the community, teachers and students have worked hard to upgrade the school and include grades seven and eight.
He said he had been educated at Dakevakomana and returned with his wife to give back to the community by educating their children.

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