Beware of candidates with election ‘gifts’


Giving away money and food to get votes is not proper in elections.
Let people elect leaders at their own will.
People should vote for candidates who are committed Christians, should have a proven record of honesty and transparency and has engaged in some form service delivery to enhance people’s livelihood prior to elections.
He or she must have a proper education because the world has changed a lot and parliament is not a place for uneducated.
Candidates must be familiar with their electorates and that people should not vote for someone who just came because of the elections.
They are a new comer and will never serve the electorate well because they do not know the electorate.
Bulk of PNG’s rural populace lacked basic services because people don’t look at such qualities instead they voted for people because food and money.
Furthermore, people should not accept giveaways from intending candidates as these will only pave a way for corruption and electing wrong leaders in the parliament.
Remember your future is in hands so choose wisely.

Pro Transparency
Wau MP

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