Bidar queries police move to stop investigation


A MAGISTRATE questioned why police should be stopped from carrying out their constitutional duty of investigating crime.
“What powers does this court or any other court have to stop police from investigations?” Waigani Committal Court magistrate Cosmas Bidar asked after dismissing an application filed Chuave (Chimbu) MP Wera Mori.
Mori, who was charged with official corruption, was alleged to have funded factions of police to investigate former Chuave MP Jim Nomane on July 22 last year.
The court heard that an application filed by Mori’s lawyer on Dec 11, last year, and among other orders sought to dismiss the entire proceeding, claiming it to be “vexatious”.
Another application seeking the same orders was dismissed by the National Court on grounds that the application was based on speculation and guesswork, the court heard.
“The applicant (Mori) is simply asking for court to stop police from performing their duties,” Bidar said.
Mori’s lawyer Adam Ninkama told the court that his client would cooperate fully with the police on the condition that Chief Inspector Stanley Poga and two others involved in the initial investigation be left out.
The court ordered Poga to leave investigations to other police officers on Oct 13 after finding that his involvement in the matter was “unjust and unfair”.
The State lawyer said that this was an administrative matter and police would sort it out.
It was alleged Mori used K40,000 of the Chuave district funds to pay certain factions of police to investigate Nomane over alleged misappropriation charges.

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