Birthday girls each hope for victory


BEATING Spain is what Japan midfielder Meika Nishida wants as a birthday present today.
The Cereso Osaka player is one of the three U20 players who will turn 18 and 19 respectively today as they compete in the World Cup in Port Moresby.
The others are US midfielder Marley Angelina Canales, who joins Nishida on the 18th birthday list and Venezuela’s forward Vimarest Estefania Diaz Diaz, who turns 19 today.
Apart from Nishida’s birthday, a parent travelled all the way from London to surprise her daughter, Yuki Mizutani, who is a member of the Japanese team.
According to the Fifa team list, there are a total of 29 girls who have or will celebrate their birthdays here in Port Moresby during the tournament.
Other November girls are:
Canada: Vitaz Zina Kats (18.11.1999);
France: Clara Coline Mona Mateo (28.11.97); Germany: Carina Schluter (08.11.96), Lea Schuller (12.11.97), Pia-Sophie Wolter (13.11.97); Ghana: Rasheda Abdul-Rahman (28.11.1996), Samira Abdul Rahman (28.11.97);
Japan: Yuzuho Shiokoshi (01.11.97), Meika Nishida (16.11.97); North Korea: Kyong Mi Chae (17.11.97), Phyong Hwa Kim (28.11.1996), Hyang Sim Sung (2.12.1999); South Korea: Haein Kwon (9.11.98), Sohee Lee (17.11.97);
Mexico: Esthefanny Barreras Torres (02.11.96), Belen De Jesus Cruz Arzate (7.11.98); New Zealand: Isabella Charlotte Coombes (05.1197), Emma Caritlin Rolston (10.11.96); Nigeria: Tessy Kesiena Biahwo (15.11.97), Chinza Love Uchendu (03.12.1998);
PNG: Selina Unumba (24.11.999), Belinda Giada (01.12.1999); Spain: Maria Bores Vazquez ( 17.11.97), Amaia Pena De Las Heras (22.11.96); US: Marley Angelina Canales (16.11.97);
Venezuela: Rafanny Andreina Mendoza Abache (05.11.96), Vimarest Estefania Diaz Diaz (16.11.96), Nayluisa Jhaylenny Caceres Acevedo (18.11.99)

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