Bizprint opens new print shop


BIZPRINT, a subsidiary of the Reminton Group of companies last week launched its print shop in Port Moresby.
Production manager Brian Rice said the machine for the print shop cost about A$1million (K2.5 million).
“It was not just the purchase of the equipment itself. We had to get it here then we had to bring engineers and technicians, electricians to store,” he said.
“Then we had to face a lot of commissioning problems with the equipment because basically when it came through the quarantine process here, they gave it a chemical bath.
“The chemicals reacted with the electrical components of the machine.”
Rice said BiZPrint was also facing tough economic times given the downturn in the national economy.
“We barely had it going before the elections so we were able to produce election materials. We had a great time during the election period,” Rice said.
“Once the election went out of the way, we went back to sort of normal production. Because of the general state of the economy, we are really just on survival mode. We are all sort of just hanging in there and waiting for change of the economic tide.”

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