Blood bags ready for distribution


A total of 50,000 blood bags have arrived in the country and will be distributed immediately to blood bank centres across the country, an official says.
Boucher and Muir Limited (BNM) sales manager Amit Arya said the first emergency shipment of blood bags was air freighted to cover for the shortage in June and this was the rest of the stock.
“Boucher and Muir got the contract from the Ministry of Health for the delivery of 56,000 blood bags,  as soon as we came to know there was a shortage we tried our best to deliver some parts of the shipment in the emergency which was 6000 of the blood bags which were
air freighted and delivered,” Arya said.
“The remaining quantity which is 50,000, is now in the country in our warehouse just ready for dispatch to the area medical store.
“So we have fulfilled our commitment according to the contract and fortunately there was no situation when they were out of the stock,” Arya said.
He said the blood bags were now in their warehouse in Gordon and would be distributed immediately by the National Blood Transfusion Service.
“The offer which was given by the Ministry of Health was sea freighted for the delivery of all these bags but the other 6000 were air freighted just because of the emergency and this consignment has arrived by sea as usual.
“The national blood bank is appreciating our services; in this regard they are happy with the timely delivery.
“We are having many more contracts from the Ministry of Health where we have to deliver pharmaceutical products and items,” he said.
“So Boucher and Muir is always committed to services and addressing the shortages and timely dispensing of those product.”

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