Board clarifies reappointment


THE board of trustees of the National Museum and Arts Gallery says the recent outburst by Tourism and Culture Minister Tobias Kulang was due to a confusion over a reappointment issue.
Board president Julius Violaris was responding to Kulang’s criticism of the appointment of a public servant by the board without informing him.
Kulang said self-serving boards and senior public officials continue to circumvent the system.
He said the board should have submitted a list of three names to him so that he could make recommendations to the National Executive Council or the Ministerial Executive Appointment Committee to make the appointment or revoke it.
In an email to The National yesterday, Violaris said there was some confusion regarding the reappointment of Dr Andrew Moutu as acting director.
“Dr Moutu’s contract with the Department of Personnel Management had expired (last month) but his term as director of NMAG has not,” he said.
“The process for renewing the contract requires he be appointed as acting director while his past performance is evaluated.
“The trustees furnished the minister the required list, and Dr Moutu was duly appointed, following all protocols and strict legal requirements. Kulang was probably misquoted.”
Violaris also refuted claims by Kulang that there were issues of nepotism at the NMAG where the top management is dominated by one provincial group.
“There is no nepotism in the museum, all employees are employed on basis of qualifications,” he said.

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