Board issues stop-work notice


THE National Capital District Commission building board has issued a stop-work notice to the builders of a double classroom at Ward Strip Primary School.
NCDC chief building surveyor Lou Pipi told The National that the stop-work notice was issued last week because no proper approval was given for the building to be constructed. He confirmed that the register in his office did not have any record of a building permit application from Ward Strip Primary School.
The school received news in February this year that Moresby North East MP Labi Amaiu would fund the double classroom.
Amaiu had pledged to build the classrooms and provide a 15-seater bus for the school at a cost of about K500,000.
Head teacher Emily Ricky said she was aware of the stop-work notice being issued but was assured by Amaiu’s first secretary Sam Philips that the controversy between the building board and the company was settled.
Grades 6 students are attending classes under a makeshift area made out of canvas as their classrooms were demolished to make way for the new building.
The children have been sitting in open space, exposed to the heat and dust, and with the wet weather setting in, the situation could be worse.
Philips said they had submitted documents to NCDC and their case was being handled by an engineer at the NCDC depot at Tarport, 4-Mile.
He added that work on the classrooms had started because they could not keep the children outside.
Pipi said the National Capital District Commission building board was yet to approve the construction of the two double classrooms hence the construction work could not go ahead.

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