Board members put aside differences, pledge to work as one


BOARD members of the Southern Highlands health authority (PHA) have put aside their differences aside and are ready to work together to deliver health services in the province.
This followed a reconciliation in Mendi recently.
Chairman Peter Nupiri said the PHA was in its infant stage and there were many challenges they would face and one of those were funding problem and many of the health facilities in the rural areas needed improvement.
“We are rated 17 compared with other provinces and that means we have many things to do for the good of the people in the rural areas,” Nupiri said.
Acting chief executive officer Dr Joseph Birisi said the PHA would not work smoothly when members held onto differences and they must work together in reference to standards laid.
“We already got structures in place and it is for the good of the health of the people of the province that we have made resolutions and grievances solved,” Birisi said.
“Though the setback for the PHA is no budget, we must stick together and work to make sure there are good results at the end of the day that will benefit everyone.”

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