Bodies to be exhumed


WEST Sepik police commander Robert Gesa yesterday ordered the exhuming of an infant that was buried alive in the remote Kasai village two years ago by her young mother.
Supt Gesa also ordered police to exhume the body of a schoolgirl killed two years at the same village in the Bewani area.
“Detectives with a medical doctor will be deployed to Kasai to investigate the deaths that occurred in 2014. These incidents were reported to the police last week by the Catholic Education Agency. Although these incidences happened two years ago, we will still investigate and bring the suspects to justice,” Gesa said.
He said that the remoteness of that area might have prevented people from reporting the incidences earlier.
“The headmaster of a school in Katai had written a letter to report these incidences to the Catholic Education Agency in Vanimo. The suspects and the deceased were children at the headmaster’s top-up primary school. And the letter was then passed to us.”
Gesa said that they would exhume an infant that was buried by the mother.
“The mother was only in Grade 5 when she had borne a child. However, the father of that teenaged mother was unhappy and ordered her to bury the child. So the daughter wrapped up the baby in a blanket and buried it alive.”
Gesa also said that they would also exhume the body of the Grade 5 girl whose brother had alleged killed with a bush knife during an argument.
“She and brother were in Grade 5 when he allegedly killed her. The brother is now in Grade 7 in that same school.”
However, Gesa could not confirm if the girl killed by her brother was the underage mother who had buried her infant alive. “The report does not say that but it will be a matter considered to be investigated.”
Meanwhile, Gesa was impressed that national court judge Justice Iova Geita had travelled with his police officers from Aitape to Vanimo on a dinghy.
“His Honour was in Aitape for a court circuit and after the circuit he got into the dinghy with my police officers without notifying them and my officers were surprised.”
Gesa said such action by Justice Geita showed that the judge was concerned about how his police officers operated under hardship in rural areas.

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